christine (~ann) (youmakeitokay) wrote,
christine (~ann)

the 'ever growing' list of things to do before i die.

1. Visit the six continents (excluding Antarctica) which consist of ; North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa. Two of which I can already cross off but still need to explore further.
2. Fluently learn another language aside from English and Filipino. Possibly french or spanish. IDK.
3. Go to the olympics (abroad) since I've been to the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
4. Find a job that I don't consider a job but a pleasure.
5. Get married and have children.
6. Go to university, finish university.
7. Sing in the rain.
8. Follow a band or artist all and go to all of their events.
9. Watch the sunset over Uluru.
10. Ride a horse along the beach with my OTL.
11. Become friends with someone famous without it being a 'famous' friendship.
12. Learn to say "hello" and "I love you" in 50 languages.
13. Be at Times Square on New Years Day but it's kind of tough to beat Sydney's.
14. Go on a cruise.
15. Make love in a random place like a train.
16. Fall deeply in love - helplessly and unconditionally.
17. Be someone’s mentor.
18. Splurge on something completely worthwhile but not necessarily needed.
19. Kissing a complete stranger on New Years.
20. Read a total of 5000 books.
21. Learn to drive.
22. Spend a whole day in bed with someone.
23. Give a gift that a person will cherish for their whole entire life.
24. Read the Harry Potter series, cover to cover with no interruptions or sleep.
25. Owning my own house/apartment/property to which I can do whatever I like.
26. Bake a cake. It's simple, I know but never have I made a cake. );
27. Own at least one pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or other.
28. Send a person a card for no reason what so ever.
29. Go to every single day of a music festival. I'm aiming for Coachella.
30. Buy art from a struggling or upcoming artist.
31. Start knitting.
32. Be a nanny for a couple living in New York.
33. Completely disregard my wardrobe and start from scratch.
34. Go to cooking lessons.
35. Fill every page of a journal.
36. Learn to play the guitar.
37. Dye my hair a shade down from what it is now.
38. Get a pet dog. (:
39. Stop being so insecure.
40. Be in two places at once.
41. Make a new post for this. It is currently 1.08 on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.
42. Be kissed in the rain.
43. Eat junk food all day and I mean all day even when I'm ready to puke.
44. Get drunk.
45. Write a song, record it and send it to all the record companies as a joke. :P
46. Get a good nights rest during school 9pm-7am. This will be impossible.
47. Dye my hair a different colour, whether it be subtle or wild.
48. To one day start believing that everything happens for a reason.
49. Go to Melbourne for more than one hour.
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