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updated august twenty-three, two thousand and nine.

shows - gossip girl, one tree hill, skins, merlin, the tudors, how i met your mother, lost, heroes, ncis, house, glee, grey's anatomy, private practice, criminal minds, 90210, bones, csi: miami.

movies - confessions of a shopaholic, becoming jane, charade, a walk to remember, the notebook, milk, star trek, princess diaries, serendipity, pride and prejudice, slumdog millionaire, northanger abbey, harry potter series, twilight (kind of), titanic, revolutionary road, never back down, the devil wears prada, suddenly 30, never been kissed, charade, romeo and juliet, the curious case of benjamin button.

music - coldplay, sara bareilles, missy higgins, death cab for cutie, a fine frenzy, the filthy youth, taylor swift, all american rejects, kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, lisa mitchell, the rolling stones, evermore, alicia keys, duffy, mgmt, metro station, fall out boy, meg and dia, tegan and sara, mayday parade, joy division, paramore, sam sparro, radiohead, muse, kaiser chiefs, kings of leon, the kooks, bright eyes, sum41, pink floyd, vampire weekend, bloc party, santogold, ben lee, eric hutchinson, jason mraz, all time low, the academy is, the wombats, colbie caillat, motion city soundtrack, jack johnson, jack's mannequin, britney spears, the veronicas, john mayer, justin nozuka, bob dylan, the fray, panic at the disco, regina spektor, delta goodrem, we the kings, sanctus real, the cab, jon mclaughlin, parachute, demi lovato.

ships - mcgosling, chuck/blair, serena/nate, vanessa/nate, chuck/vanessa, effy/cook, emily/naomi, peter/elle, peter/claire, sylar/elle, emmett/alice, rosalie/edward, jasper/alice, bella/jasper, jacob/bella, hermione/ron, ginny/harry, draco/hermione, draco/ginny, lucas/brooke, brooke/julian, nathan/haley, peyton/jake, summer/seth, ryan/taylor, sawyer/juliet, jack/kate, phoebe/mike.

boy crushes - chris pine, colin farrell, james franco, jake gyllenhaal, chace crawford, christian bale, leonardo dicaprio, james mcavoy, eddie redmayne, tom sturridge, xavier samuel, robert pattinson, shia labeouf, gaspard ulliel.

girl crushes - sophia bush, leighton meester, emma watson, ashley greene, kirsten dunst, marion cotilliard, audrey tatou, clemence poesy, emily browning, jessica szohr, blake lively.
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& all your music is amazing!
sure. :D
ah, gossip girl and skins. <333
and i love your taste in music!
btw, thanks for adding me. :)
i love itt. <3
it was my pleasure!
I really love Gossip Girl, Heroes, Skins and... Coldplay and Sara Bareilles ! Love song (l)
Can I add you ? I'm sorry for this bad english, I'm French ;D
Of course !

Deleted comment

rosalie/edward FTW! :D

i know. they are so amazing. ♥
i really need to update this list ~
I'm watching AWTR right now and I'm crying like a baby. It just ended as I was typing this actually. My all time fave movie!
MINE TOO! its so sad but i love it. ♥
have you read the book ?
I've wanted to but never had the time! It's on my holiday reading list though. After Wuthering Heights. :P So it's number 2! Nicholas Sparks books inspire amazing movies!
you should read it. :) i need to read wuthering heights too! i might just buy it for my holidays. i wish that i was as talented as him but i'm pretty sure i liked the movie better. the notebook, however, was just amazing. ♥